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 Whether it is a  DWI, your parenting time with your ex-spouse needs to be fixed or if something unexpected happens and legal action is required,  our lawyers are here to help those  that need legal advice or when things just happen to go wrong. We help guide people through many of life's situations from family issues, criminal charges, property issues, estate planning, and for the necessities of your business.  

Legacy of Success

Our lawyers have been representing clients for  almost 50 years and have a proven track record of success in criminal and family cases. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need whether its a DWI or you have been served divorce papers.  Schedule your consultation today.

Jeremy Downs & Timothy Downs

Jeremy Downs


 I love solving problems.  I decided to become a lawyer to help people solve their problems and to help them understand how the law affects their lives.  Being a general practice attorney is a lot like being a family doctor. We help people through all sorts of challenges life gives to them and help them succeed.

I was born and raised in Duluth. After two years in Idaho as a County Attorney, my wife  and I moved back to Duluth. I love spending time outside whether fishing, golfing, mountain biking, or running.  I have served on many community boards and organizations ranging from youth sports to the arts.  

In my almost 20 years of practice I have handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from serious offenses such as murder to less serious offenses such as DWIs and other traffic violations.  During this time I have represented hundreds of clients in divorce and child cases.  I also have experience representing clients in personal injury, estate planning, real estate,  business and tort cases. 


BA in History from University of North Dakota, 1997

Juris Doctorate from University of North Dakota,  2000


Social Early Neutral and Evaluation - Family Law 

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation - Family Law 


Super Lawyers 2008 Rising Star

Board Affiliations:

Duluth Eastern Little League Board,  2019-Present (Vice President)

Duluth Heights Hockey Board, 2016-2019  (President)

East Select Soccer Board, 2015-18

Hockey Day MN, 2016 (Director)

Glen Avon Hockey Board, 2012-16

Lake Park Little League Board, 2012-15

Summit School Board, 2010-12


Minnesota State Bar Association

Eleventh District Bar Association

Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Knights of Columbus

Timothy Downs


Throughout my life I have asked questions.  If the right questions are not asked correct choices cannot be made.  When someone comes to me with a problem I know what questions to ask to help guide that person to make the correct choice.

I was born and raised in Proctor, Minnesota.  My wife and I live in Duluth, Minnesota and have raised two children and helped raise five grandsons.  I enjoy running, golfing and traveling around the the United States with my wife.

In my  over 40 years of practice (including 5 years as the City Attorney for Proctor, MN) I have handled hundreds of cases including family law, estate and probate planning, real estate, personal injury, business and tort cases. 


BA in Political Science from the University of MN Duluth, 1970

Juris Doctorate from University of North Dakota, 1973


Volunteer Attorney of the Year, 1994-1995

Board Affiliations:

11th District Bar Assoc. - 1993-96 (President, 1995-96)

Legal Aid Service of NE MN, 1977-96

Duluth Trial Lawyer's Assoc., 1984 (President)

Chisolm Museum, 1981-82 (President)

Duluth Ballet Board of Directors, 1988-92 (President)

St. Michael's School Board, 1986-87

St. Michael's Church Council, 1980-82 (President)

Eleventh District Ethics Committee, 1990-96


Minnesota State Bar Association

Eleventh District Bar Association

Knights of Columbus